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Backyard Buddy Car Lift Colors

Henry Ford summed up the color choices for the Model T in his 1920 autobiography as “any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Obviously we are fan’s of Ford’s automotive innovations, but his ideas on giving customers choices leave a bit to be desired.

We’re the first to admit that looks should not be one of your first priorities when you’re buying something that holds thousands of pounds of steel over your head, but one more place where Backyard Buddy stands above our foreign competitors is in color choice.

Our standard lift color scheme is red posts and decks with black cross beams. We’re car guys, so of course red is going to be our first choice. But that’s not the only choice we give our customers.

We are able to powder coat your lift and many of its accessories in red, black, white, blue, and silver. One of our more popular color choices is the “USA” color scheme, with red, white, and blue components. Other popular choices are all black, black and silver, and red and blue.

Also, unlike our foreign competition that gives their lifts a quick acid wash before finishing, all of our lifts are thoroughly cleaned with a media blast to prepare the metal for powder coating. This gives Backyard Buddy lifts a better-looking and longer-lasting finish.

A Backyard Buddy lift is an investment that will continue paying dividends by making it easier to work on your vehicles. We think you should like how it looks as well.


Classic American Muscle on Silver and black Backyard Buddy Lifts

Plymouth Convertible Car Lift Backyard Buddy

A sharp Plymouth Convertible on a red, white and blue Backyard Buddy Lift.