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The Devil, or in this case, the quality, is in the details

If you stand 50 yards away from a collection of car lifts, they all pretty much look the same. Some may be red, some may be blue, but they all are basically posts and a deck.

It’s when you start to get closer that you notice the difference. You’ll quickly notice that Backyard Buddy lifts look a whole lot more solid. If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll notice that our legs are a solid square, not an open “U” shape like some other lifts. You’ll probably notice that the quality of our finish and welds is a whole lot better too.

But when you get up close and personal with a Backyard Buddy lift, you’ll notice why ours are so much better than the competition. The Devil, or in this case, the quality, is in the details. Some of the things that set us apart are:

Fully Swaged Cables: If you look at the ends of our cables, you’ll see that they are swaged along their full length, and that you can see the end of the cable coming out of the end cap. This not only produces a stronger cable end, but it also allows users to inspect it to ensure that the cables have not slipped. Our competitors usually put a closed threaded cap on the end, a cheaper and less secure way to do it, and one that leaves you with no idea if the cable is correctly seated in the cap or if it is just barely secured and about to fail.

Lock Linkage: Keeping your lift deck locked when you want it locked and unlocked when you want to move it is one of the most basic functions of a lift. We use a high quality ⅜ inch linkage to make sure that your lift locks and unlocks when you want it to, and will be absolutely safe in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Our competitors usually use a weak ¼ inch linkage that can easily bend, or even break, under stress.

Cable Guides: You’ve got to get really close to see this little detail, but all of our lifts have steel guides for the cables to make sure that they do not slip off the pulleys when they have slack in them. If you’ve ever tried to get a cable back onto a pulley while it’s under a load, you know how important this little feature is. It is, of course, either completely lacking on our competitors’ lifts, or at best is a little piece of plastic.

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve: A vehicle lift is at its most vulnerable while the deck is moving up and down with a vehicle on it. All of the weight is on the hydraulic system and cables. We’ve mentioned the quality of our hydraulic systems (American-made, fully warranted, and using all metal hydraulic pressure lines), but this little detail can mean all the difference if something goes wrong. If, somehow, your hydraulic system fails on a Backyard Buddy lift, this valve ensures that your platform slowly lowers without damage to the vehicle, and in time for anyone who accidentally finds themselves under it to move. A line failure on our competitors lifts can mean that your vehicle comes crashing to the ground, since they do not see the need for the extra expense of a relief valve.

Finish Quality: We’ll let you run your hand along our lift to gauge this one. Unlike our competitors, we media blast our steel to prepare it and apply a high quality finish by hand. This makes our lifts look a whole lot better than our competitors, but it also means that the finish will stand up to years of use. We’d never tell you to do it on purpose, but if you were to slip with a tool and hit our competitors’ lifts, there’s a pretty high likelihood that you’ll damage the finish down to the steel, leaving you a vector for rust, and one more thing to take care of in your garage. We put a durable finish on our lifts because you shouldn’t have to worry about repairing your lift’s finish to keep rust away. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing with the vehicle on it.

We know that if you take a close look at a Backyard Buddy lift, you’ll be blown away by all of the little details that we have put into our design. If you find yourself in Warren, Ohio, we’re here 8-4 on weekdays. Stop by our showroom and see if you can find all of the details that make Backyard Buddy the best lifts available.