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All steel is not created equal

In our past few blogs, we’ve talked about the importance of buying American-made products that support our country’s economy and ultimately put food on all of our tables. Now we’d like to talk about an American-made product that is near and dear to our hearts:


We’ll admit that it’s not the most glamorous topic in the world, but it’s one that is important to us because our customers literally trust their lives to the quality of the steel we use.

If you look at our website or read any of our literature, you know that we engineer and build our lifts to incredibly high safety standards, and have included multiple redundant safety features to keep you from getting hurt and your vehicle from getting damaged. Backyard Buddy lifts are so safe that one permanently holds a Corvette over a table at a popular local restaurant.

But all of this would be for nothing if we used cheap, foreign steel. No matter how well built a lift, if the steel fails, gravity wins. Best case, your vehicle is unexpectedly and suddenly on the ground. Worst case, your vehicle is unexpectedly and suddenly on top of you.

Most of the foreign steel in the US comes from China, where standards and inspections are minimal. Their steel is so bad that when the Chinese government (a government not exactly known for its openness and impartial business practices) tested 52 batches of steel recently, over half came back with problems. This would just be a matter of waste if it was easy to tell defective steel from good steel, but most problems can only be identified by testing, an impossible task given the worldwide flood of steel coming from China.

If this was the only issue with foreign steel, we would obviously still choose American-made steel, but there’s more to it than quality. American steel was once used to build the country, and even the world. The steel industry provided good, middle-class jobs for generations of Americans, and then one day, it was all gone. Foreign steel, produced with minimal regard for quality or worker safety had flooded the worldwide market, putting hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work. Cheap, imported steel is not only a bad product, it’s bad for our country.

Although it’s a shadow of what it used to be, the American steel industry is still alive and producing some of the world’s best steel for customers who choose quality over price, and is just one example of an industry that could once again thrive if we all demand American-made products.

Please watch the latest installment in our “Be American, Buy American” series (available here:, send it to your friends, show it to your family, and help spread the word. The only way we’re ever going to fix the American economy is to demand American-made products, which means that every one of us has the power to make our country better.


Home Grown Quality

“Proud to be an American” is a famous song many of us have grown up with and hear at patriotic events like Fourth of July fireworks or Labor Day parades.  We sing the lyrics when we hear it played without much thought, but very often we don’t live out the words we sing.  Rarely do we check labels on the products we purchase to see where it has been manufactured or made.  We simply make a quick purchase, often to instantly gratify what we need or want without thinking that our purchase supports and finances the person who has made it.

In a world of globalization and internet sales, so many Americans are buying products online from all over the world.  We see a picture on the internet and a few sentences “guaranteeing” quality but have no proof of it until the product is shipped and delivered to our front door.  What we fail to realize when we purchase products from other countries is their standards for excellence may not be the same as we have here in America.  Their testing qualifications for safety and their standards for supplies may not be up to par.  But as a customer you will not realize that until you begin putting it together and questioning it’s durability or strength.

Here at Backyard Buddy we absolutely guarantee a high quality product that you can count on.  We are proud to only use American-made components and U.S. or Canadian structural grade steel and hardware in ALL of our lifts and products.  Just as “home grown” or “locally grown” foods guarantee quality because they have not used pesticides or harmful chemicals when growing their food, we adhere to a quality of only using products and supplies Made in America for all of our equipment.

By making a commitment to only use American Made products, you help finance the American economy and you support and encourage financial growth within our American borders.  You also know what you are paying for – a guarantee of quality and durability.  The next time you sing “Proud to be an American”, why not truly mean it and commit to purchasing only American made products to support this nation and its economical growth?