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Why “Be American, Buy American?”

We’ve been asked why we put so much time and effort into our “Be American, Buy American” series of videos (available at our YouTube channel:

The simple reason is because we believe in the message and want to share it with everyone we can. Our founder and owner, Larry Gross, is a former Marine (as much as any Marine can be considered “former”) and Vietnam vet who loves Backyard Buddy, but loves his country more. Everyone at Backyard Buddy wants the company to be successful, obviously, but they also want to help make America stronger in the process.

We want every American to know that they have the power to fix the economy, provide jobs for themselves and their neighbors, and to increase the quality of the products they buy. All we all have to do is vote with our wallets and demand high quality, American-made products.

As we talk about in the videos, we know this won’t get you bargain-basement prices, but it will get you a product that is immeasurably better than its foreign competition while keeping the money you spent in the US. This leads to a ripple effect of positive benefits for you and our country. When you buy American, you and all the rest of us benefit from a stronger overall American economy. Buying American keeps good-paying jobs here in the US. American employees making a good salary benefit the American businesses that those employees patronize. Your purchase also benefits the American companies that supply the raw materials for the item you just bought.

Putting this all together with an example that is near and dear to our hearts: If you buy a Backyard Buddy lift, you get a top-quality lift for yourself. Your money stays in the US economy and pays the salary of our American workers in Warren, OH. Our employees put that money back into the local economy at the grocery store, buying personal and household items, paying their utility bills, and even buying a coffee on the way to work. If they also demand American-made products, the entire cycle of benefits starts all over again. Your money also pays the salary and materials costs at our American parts and steel suppliers and other vendors, who then continue the cycle as well.

On the other hand, if you buy a foreign-made product, the majority of your money leaves the US, never to be seen again, and you are stuck with an inferior product.

The choice is stark, simple, and yours to make.

Be American. Buy American.