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We the People

We the People of the United States of America have been given certain rights within our country.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have given us freedom according to the law in a variety of things such as:  freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the right to assemble when and where we want.  Unlike other countries around the world, in America we have the right to choose how we live our lives and where we purchase our products.  We have choices that we often take for granted and sometimes make without much thought or evaluation.

As we finish out one year and look ahead to the next, many people will be making New Year’s resolutions and evaluating things they have finished and accomplished.  Goals and priorities will be set.  Business owners will be closing out their financial year and looking at their bottom line.  Was business profitable?  Can they maintain another year of business?  How and what improvements can be made?  Where can savings be had on products or supplies in order to make a larger profit margin?  All of these questions are valuable and necessary for business owners in order to make profitable decisions for their future.

Many local business owners struggle this time of the year as they compete with these mega stores and companies.  The holidays bring huge income to the well known brand names like Nike, Apple and Hollister.  Many young children and teens want things from these large empires because they are known commodities and all of their friends have them.  Teen boys want the latest Air Jordan’s to fit the trend at school.  Girls shop at Forever 21 for fashionable styles and clothing items.  They often don’t care if these products are well made or not, they just have to have them to fit in with society.

But many American’s do not take time to research products before shopping at a mall.  They have no idea where that t-shirt was made, or where those jeans were sewn together.  If they did, they would find out that many of these products are made abroad.  Large businesses have their clothing items manufactured very cheaply and in very poor conditions in order to keep prices low and Americans happy.  People in other nations are working for pennies in order to mass produce products for large companies in America and around the world.  The products are not well made and do not last.

Here at Backyard Buddy, we are committed to supporting the companies within American who are committed to producing quality made products.  Our lifts are stable and secure and entirely made from products manufactured within North America.  It’s a choice we have made and are committed to in order to keep our American economy stimulated and growing.  We only use American or Canadian structural steel and materials, American made power units and hardware, and all of our welding is done entirely by American Welding Society Certified Welders.  We are committed to the very best quality of material and service used to manufacture every part of our Backyard Buddy Lifts.

We believe that it is our responsibility and right as American citizens to support local businesses and help them to grow.  We are encouraging those we do business with to do the same.  Even as we close out this year, won’t you choose to make a commitment over this next year to begin supporting the local businesses in your area and to shop local?  If each one of us makes choices to buy local, and tell others we know to do the same, we can positively affect the economy and growth of the cities we live in.  Small lifestyle changes and choices can make a very big impact over time.  We need to educate our youth on the impact that purchasing American Made products can have upon them and their future.  Their future depends on us making better choices today.

To see more details about our lifts or to find out how you can purchase one today, click on the link here:  At Backyard Buddy we have made an ongoing commitment to Shop Local and to buy American Made products in order to Support this Great Nation!  Won’t you join us?

Backyard Buddy Boat Lift

Backyard-Buddy-Boat-Car-LiftIf you’re like a lot of us, this is the time of year you reconsider owning a boat (unless you’re one of those lucky people who lives where they can use theirs right now). Sure, in the summer you love it, but winter means either paying an arm and leg for storage or losing a big chunk of your garage. If you’ve ever scraped a quarter inch of ice off of your windshield while your boat sits smugly in the garage, you know what we’re talking about.

Luckily, Backyard Buddy has a solution: The Backyard Buddy 7,000 lb Boat Trailer Storage Lift.

The Boat Lift is built to the same exacting standards as our other four-post lifts, but has been widened specifically to accommodate most 102 inch boat trailers. The lift also includes an adjustable stand that supports your trailer’s tongue to ensure everything stays level and secure, and that getting your boat on and off the lift is as easy as backing up.

Our Boat Lift will clear up to 63 inches under its platform, meaning you can keep your boat in the garage all winter and still have room for the snow blower, the patio furniture, or a car underneath it.

Even if you use your boat year-round, our Boat Lift is a convenient and space-saving way to store it safely in your garage. The Boat Lift’s hydraulic system and secure locking mechanisms mean it only takes minutes to lift your boat out of the way when you don’t need it, and bring it back down when you do.

The Boat Lift also makes it easy to clean off all the gunk that inevitably gets on your hull, and to make other repairs without crawling under your trailer or investing in scuba gear.

Like all of our lifts, the 7,000 lb Boat Trailer Lift is made in the USA, guaranteed for five years, and uses high quality, American-made steel, hardware, and fittings. All of our four-post lifts, including the Boat Lift are freestanding and moveable, even while loaded, with our optional lift casters. The Boat Lift is available in several colors, and even has a “red white and blue” option that proudly displays our made-in-the-USA quality.

If you’d like to know more about our Boat Trailer Lift, or any of our other products, give us a call at (800) 837-9353. If you call between 8AM and 5PM Eastern, a real, live human will pick up the phone and not hang up until your questions have been answered.