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Doing our Part

American Sniper has become a popular watch these days in the movie industry.  Opinions are flying all over as to the meaning and message behind the film.  Anti-war enthusiasts are using it as a platform to speak up and defend their position, while veterans and military families convey it’s a beautiful depiction of a man who served his country well.  The varying positions can be polarizing depending on which side you lie, or the movie can be another source of Patriotic inspiration to those who believe in the foundational truths of the United States.

You see, Chris Kyle’s life as a Navy Seal was about defending the rights of a nation.  He made it a personal mission to defend the rights of this country in order to protect those he loved.  He saw the enemy as a threat to the life and livelihood of Americans, and made it a point to do something about it.  He took on the personal responsibility to defend the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Being a veteran owned local business, we take supporting our nation seriously.  We desire to show our support for veterans and military families any way we can.  We take pride in coming alongside men and women who are giving their lives to defend our country.  Men and women much like Chris Kyle.  Some Americans will never have the opportunity to serve in the armed forces.  Many may not desire to join the military at all, but most of us, want to make a difference with our lives and impact those around us in meaningful way.  Simple choices and decisions we make every single day can make a difference when we begin to understand how each of our lives affects the whole.  When we begin to embrace our choices and the impact they make on others around us, we begin to live outside of ourselves and for the good of others.

Supporting the local community and the nation by committing to only buy local is one way you can make a difference.  When you purchase goods from people within your own community, you help that economy grow and prosper.  Your decision to help the local merchant allows them to continue to grow in business supporting themselves and that community.  At Backyard Buddy we too are committed to supporting local merchants and buying solely from suppliers within North America.  We desire to help keep our economy strong.

Because we are a locally owned business, we maintain a level of quality that other large manufacturing businesses cannot.  Our lifts and accessories are manufactured in Ohio and made from American or Canadian certified structural steel.  This is a decided choice, because we are committed to providing an excellent product for our customers.  Quality and safety are most important to us.  We want to provide a useful product that helps serve our customers in the best way possible.  Our free standing lifts are durable and do not need to be bolted to the floor because of the excellence in design and production.

Just as we are committed to supporting local, we want to encourage our customers, friends and suppliers to do the same.  We see it as such a valuable piece of our economic success.  We hope you too will consider making this choice for the products and services you purchase.

To find out more details about a Backyard Buddy Lift or to find out how you can purchase one today, click on the following link here:  We are committed to Shop Local and buy only American Made products to support our great nation.  Won’t you consider making the same commitment and doing your part?