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Johnny 5 is Alive…Almost

Here at Backyard Buddy, we pride ourselves on our American-made products that provide good jobs for American workers. But we have to admit that  one of our workers doesn’t ask to get paid, never needs time off, and if he’s having a smoking break, something has gone wrong.

We’re talking about Johnny 5, our robotic welder (and if he name sounds a little familiar, you clearly like 80s movies too: Johnny is a cutting-edge, precision pulsed MIG welder robot that has a six-axis range of motion, just like a human arm, allowing for extremely precise positioning and welding. It is large enough to weld parts up to 18 feet long, 30 inches wide, and weighing 700 pounds, but agile enough that every weld is perfect.

You’ll never confuse Johnny 5 for a person, but watching it look for the correct location, make a weld, and then move on to the next location is fascinating. Check out this video of Johnny in action and you’ll see what we mean:

Johnny 5’s ancestors first found work as spot welders in the 1980s auto industry, and their presence has grown steadily since. Robotic arc welders now make up about 20% of all industrial robots. As their software and sensors have improved over the years, they can now be pre-programmed to make welds in a given location, or use their own visual input to make welds. The latest robotic arc welders can also analyze electrical data in real time and adjust their welds accordingly.

Backyard Buddy purchased Johnny 5 to help reduce some of the workload on our experienced welders by making routine, automatable welds. This has increased our production capacity to help fill customer orders more quickly. Our long-term goal is that Johnny will help us expand our overall capabilities, put more people to work at Backyard Buddy, and better serve all of our customers with a quicker turnaround time on orders without any sacrifice in quality.

If you’d like to see Johnny 5 at work, or come check our showroom of vehicle lifts, call our customer service line at (800) 837-9353 from 8-5 Eastern time. One of our knowledgeable customer service staff will answer any question you may have, and will be happy to set up a time for you to come visit our showroom and factory.