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Shop & Support Local

As we look back on the way business used to be, people bought what they needed from their own local communities.  They depended on one another and bought and traded with each other to help keep their communities alive and working.  Families traveled to town to buy fabric to sew clothes and purchased goods from the hardware store to fix things around their farms.  The difficult travel conditions limited their choices and options.  Most people bought only what they could afford unless they created an account at the store.  Accounts were created for families who were known and they would pay it off as they could.  Buying and selling centered on trusted relationships within a community and was a normal way of life back then.

As we look at the variety of ways we shop today, the options are almost limitless.  The choices for something as simple as cereal are numerous in many of the chain grocery stores.  We can purchase the same items at a variety of locations.  We can shop at a chain store, local boutique or online across the globe.  We can have a friend or family member pick something up across the country and mail it to us within a day or two.  Teams and brands have numerous stores in a variety of locations.  Many people buy and trade on local selling walls on social media sites, e-bay or other selling sites.  Again the shopping options vary greatly.

Business is rarely based upon relationship any more.  Few people make a commitment to shop or buy local to support the local merchant and help them survive in life.  Even fewer consumers take the time to think through how and where their products are being made.  Is the item a fair trade product?  If it is made overseas, is it made with quality or does it meet the safety standards of American made products?  We have become such a consumerist society where we want instant gratification.  We are impulse buyers who rarely think through the ramifications of things.  We want what we want, now.  We often do not take time to research and compare one product to another.

Shop local is a growing trend within many small communities throughout the United States.  Many young families are beginning to support and shop at local farmers’ markets for fresh food items.  As they have become more interested in buying products in their own communities, they have realized the positive effect they can make within their own neighborhoods.  The popularity of buying from small shop merchants is bringing new life to the economy of many small towns.

At Backyard Buddy, we are committed to the shop local, shop American Made products.  We manufacture and buy and sell products that are solely made in North America.  We have committed to use steel and materials that are American or Canadian made.  Our power units, hardware and materials are all American Made and our welding is only done by American Welding Society Certified Welders.

Backyard Buddy is committed to give back and support business here within North America.  Many people we work with are committed to buy and use locally grown or manufactured supplies to give back to the communities in which they live.  They realize the hard work and dedication it takes for small business owners to survive.  Local merchants often go the extra mile for better quality and service.  They compete against large corporate chains where products are turned out in bulk by machines or robots and often manufactured quickly.  At Backyard Buddy we have made an ongoing commitment to Shop Local and to Shop American in order to support the local communities of our great nation!  Why not join us?

We are committed to giving our customers the very best quality product which is backed by using the very best material and service to manufacture every part of our Backyard Buddy Lifts and accessories.  For more details about our lifts, click on the link here:


Assembling a Backyard Buddy Lift

Assembling a Car Lift: Tips & How To from Backyard Buddy

We make Backyard Buddy lifts to be strong, reliable, and safe. One of the side benefits of this is that because we make such solid products, Backyard Buddy car lift assembly is easier than you’d anticipate. Most customers report back that they’ve assembled theirs in an afternoon or over a couple of evenings.

Unlike other lifts that wobble in a slight breeze or that have to be bolted into your garage floor to stand up safely, a Backyard Buddy car lift goes together as easily as following the instructions. Since our lifts are self-supporting, they can also be assembled at your leisure, with very few critical steps that must be performed together.

Why Assembling a Car Lift from Backyard Buddy is Simple

Every one of our lifts comes with detailed car lift assembly instructions that take you step-by-step through assembling your new lift. The instructions are written in plain English, not wordless drawings like some of the flat pack furniture you may have had the “pleasure” of assembling. We also include detailed diagrams that show how all the major components and systems of your lift go together so that you have a visual reference to compare your work against to make sure you’ve assembled everything correctly.

We’ve even made our car lift assembly instructions and diagrams available to download through our website ( This way, people interested in buying a Backyard Buddy lift can see exactly what they need to do to put one together, and can also see how well-built our lifts are. We’ve also found that a lot of our customers like to download the instructions while their lift is being shipped to them so that they can get a sense of how the lift goes together before it is sitting in their garage waiting for them. Frankly, we think some of our customers download the instructions to help with that “night before Christmas” feeling they get while their lift is being shipped.

If you’re buying a car lift from Backyard Buddy, you’re probably pretty handy with your tools and don’t shy away from a do-it-yourself project. Even though we know you can do it, if assembling a car lift doesn’t sound like fun (but trust us, it is), or you don’t have time to put it together yourself, our staff is available every weekday from 8AM until 5PM EST to recommend a professional installer in your area to complete your car lift assembly. Our staff is also available to assist you if you run into a problem assembling your lift as well.

Since a picture is worth a lot of words (the last we heard, the exchange rate was somewhere around 1,000), we’d like to show you how easy it is to assemble a car lift from Backyard Buddy. Take a look at Sam Memmolo, from the TV and Radio shows “Shade Tree Mechanic,” “Two Guys Garage,” and “Sam’s Garage Radio Show” assembling his Backyard Buddy car lift:

We know that Sam is a well-respected mechanic, but don’t be intimidated. Just like he did, you too can put one of our lifts together in a couple of evenings.  Assembling a car lift from Backyard Buddy is simple and intuitive, another great reason to choose one of our high quality, proudly American made products.


Spring – A Great Time to Organize Your Garage

Spring is often the time when we find ourselves cleaning out and organizing our homes, offices and garages.  We remove the clutter we have accumulated during the winter months and organize our belongings.  Spring is often a time of clearing out the old and making room for the new.  It’s a great time to declutter your garage, sheds or storage areas in order to make room for your summer hobbies.  Backyard Buddy Lifts are a perfect way to organize your space.  Whether storing winter snowmobiles, or making room for an additional summer convertible, our lifts are the best in the business.  We are confident that our Backyard Buddy lifts provide several benefits.  Here are just a few:

  • Organization:  Just as men and women organize their closets to best utilize their shoes, handbags and accessories, a Backyard Buddy Lift helps organize your garage or workspace to best utilize your cars, boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles or other seasonal vehicles.  By storing on top of another (as long as there is height space available), you create space and storage in your garage, barn or shed.  We can also supply you with accessory kits so vehicles can be properly stored in the off-season.
  • Reliability:  Backyard Buddy Lifts are absolutely reliable.  We have been in business for over 25 years and have a superb customer satisfaction rate.  We are committed to manufacturing and designing products locally within the United States and Canada to assure the very best quality products for our clients.
  • Functionality:  Our Backyard Buddy Lift is the very best tool you will ever use in your garage.  It allows you complete access to work on your car – above or beneath it.  Whether you are servicing a major fix or adding an accessory for fun, our lifts make jobs easy and fun.  Our lifts hold cars, trucks and recreational vehicles up to 9000 pounds, allowing you to work and service your own vehicles right at home.
  • Safety:  Safety is of the utmost importance to Backyard Buddy.  We guarantee that our lifts are the safest available in today’s market.  Working under vehicles can be dangerous if proper equipment and tools are not used.  Backyard Buddy Lifts allow you to safely work below your car or vehicle without worry of slippage because the weight of the vehicle is fully supported by our outstanding product.
  • Locally-Owned and Manufactured:  Backyard Buddy is a locally owned business and is committed to remaining that way.  In a day when many companies buy and manufacture materials in other countries, we are committed to supporting and purchasing from our very own.  All of our materials are purchased here within the U.S. or Canada to ensure the very best product possible.  We are committed to helping our economy grow and encouraging others who purchase from us to do the same

To get more information about a Backyard Buddy Lift or find out how to purchase one or any of our other products, visit our website at:  Also, to get current information and updates, check out and like our Facebook page at: