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High Quality Lift Accessories

High Quality Car Lift Accessories from Backyard Buddy

At Backyard Buddy, you know us for making the most dependable American-made car, truck and boat lifts around, but a great lift may not be all you need to make your garage or shop the best it can be. That’s why we also use the same production methods and materials to make a variety of high quality car lift accessories that can help you customize your garage. These time and energy saving tools will make your work in the garage easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Here are just a few of the many car lift parts and accessories we offer:

Top Backyard Buddy Car Lift Accessories

Crane system
With our attachable crane system, you can use the stability and strength of your Backyard Buddy lift to hold and raise heavy parts for repairs. Our heavy-duty crane makes pulling an engine, lifting a car body off the frame, or loading/unloading heavy cargo in a pickup easy. This added utility multiplies the use of your lift by making it two tools in one, making this one of our truly go-to car lift accessories.

Lift casters & caddy
Unlike many other lifts that have to be bolted to the ground to be secure, Backyard Buddy lifts are sturdy enough to move—even with a car on the lift! Lift casters make moving your lift around your workspace easy. Our casters use hard phenolic resin wheels that won’t scuff or mark up your garage floor. We also offer a convenient storage caddy for storing the casters or other car lift parts when not in use. Your lift won’t get in the way of work you need to do ever again.

Hydraulic jack platform
Running on the same hydraulic power that raises the lift itself, our attachable jack platform can raise a car’s wheels off the deck of the lift as well. This extra height and free movement of the wheels makes suspension and brake work much easier! Since the jack can roll up and down the length of the lift runways, these add-on car lift accessories will work on almost any vehicle. This is a professional quality tool in your car repair or restoration arsenal.

Drip pans
For those in need of every bit of space they can find (and really, who isn’t?), it makes sense to lift one vehicle and store another one underneath it. For this scenario, Backyard Buddy offers one of our most popular car lift accessories, rugged steel drip pans that fit on the lift underneath the vehicle. These corrosion resistant pans catch any leaks and protect the car or floor underneath from damage, and they won’t slide around in the breeze.

These are just a few of Backyard Buddy’s high quality car lift accessories. To read about and view pictures of all of our durable, American-made car lift parts and accessories, and to see how you can optimize your workspace, click here: