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Worth Every Penny

Why a Backyard Buddy Home Auto Lift is Worth Every Penny

If you’ve read this blog, you know how proud we are of our home auto lifts at Backyard Buddy. They use American components and American steel put together by American workers right here in Warren Ohio. It’s very rare that we hear complaints about our quality, but we do occasionally hear grumbling about our price.

We’re not afraid to come out and say it: A Backyard Buddy home auto lift isn’t cheap. They’re not cheaply made, they don’t use cheap components, and they don’t use cheap labor. The steel to make a Backyard Buddy lift alone costs more than some complete Chinese lifts.

So why do we insist on making such a high-quality auto lift?

A car lift for the home is a purchase that you are trusting to hold thousands of pounds of steel above your head while you work on your vehicle. You need to know that it won’t drop your vehicle, destroying it and whatever happens to be under it, including you. You want the safest, most stable lift available:

•    Unlike the flimsy light-gauge steel U-shaped posts of our competitors, the lift posts on a Backyard Buddy 4 post car lift are square and made of 4×4 structural steel tubing.
•    Our lifts are free standing, and can even be moved with a load on them, unlike our competitors’ lifts, which must be bolted into the floor to remain stable.
•    Our lifts have welded decks with a full angle iron frame and cross braces supporting the diamond plate deck, while our competitors’ decks are usually just stamped diamond plate with no support under it.
•    While our competitors use small tabs welded to the legs as locking points, our decks lock into the legs through a precision key cut into the steel itself
•    Our hydraulics have built-in flow restrictors that keep pressure in the system even in the event of a hydraulic failure, while our competitors’ lifts risk slamming your vehicle into the ground over something as simple as a burst hydraulic hose.
•    Where our competitors do their best to hide their cables and end them with welded caps that don’t let you inspect the cable, ours are fully swaged with visible ends so that you will know if they are starting to wear or slip.

But maybe our incredible safety and stability won’t convince you. If you’re the type of person that is okay with trusting your life to “good enough,” maybe you’ll be more interested in some of the options we offer that help make your life easier.

•    Our lifts have an optional built-in hydraulic jack that slides back and forth between the lift decks so that it can be used in any position and on even the lowest-profile vehicle. This lets you roll your vehicle onto the lift, raise it to whatever height you would like, then jack the wheels off the lift deck. The first time you do a chest-level brake job, you’ll know why this is one of our most popular options.
•    Our lifts are so stable that you can use the optional heavy-duty caster set to move the lift easily even when it’s got a vehicle on it.
•    Our crane attachment moves along the entire length of the lift, allowing you the freedom to easily lift a body off a chassis, pull a motor, or do any other heavy lifting you may need.
•    Combine the crane attachment with our heavy-duty casters and you can use the lift to move heavy loads around your garage or driveway.

While the foreign-made lifts may beat us on initial purchase price, we beat them in every other area, including value. You’ve no doubt heard the adage “buy once, cry once,” and it applies to a Backyard Buddy Lift home auto lift.  More than one of our customers threw away their money on a Chinese home auto lift first, and then ordered a Backyard Buddy lift when they realized just how crummy the foreign-made lift was.  A Backyard Buddy car lift for home and garage is a “once-in-a-lifetime” purchase; an investment in a tool that helps you store and work on your vehicles more safely and easily.  Buy one first and be done (until you find more room in your garage and order another one).

Another place we have the foreign competition thoroughly beaten: you can actually talk to us on the phone. Whether you’re an owner who has a question or someone who’s “just looking” and needs more information, a live person right here in our factory will be happy to talk to you between 8AM and 5PM EST at (800) 837-9353. And if you happen to be near our factory in Warren, Ohio, stop by our showroom and see just how safe, stable, and incredibly well built each and every Backyard Buddy home auto lift is.

Safety through Quality

There is never room to cut corners on safety. Think about your own priorities: aren’t good health and safety for you and your family at or near the top of the list? At Backyard Buddy, we feel the same way. That’s why we build our lifts and accessories with an industry-leading array of safety features—because nothing is more important than the safety of our customers, their families and their property.

Unfortunately, our competition cares more about making a quick buck than taking care of its customers, and this has led many people into the mistake of buying a cheaply made and designed product that can endanger them and their loved ones. To prevent this, our goal is to educate customers on the safety features they should be looking for in a car lift. We’re confident that our Backyard Buddy lifts have every feature needed to keep our customers safe. Here are a few of our safety features (and you won’t find these in our competitors’ products!):

–Highest quality American-made steel: Our lifts are made from rugged, American steel—not the cheap thin, imported metal our competitors use. This virtually eliminates any chance of dangerous structural failure.

–Reinforced runways: Our durable runways are reinforced to remove any chance of distortion under the weight of a vehicle. This ensures there will be no unnecessary or potentially dangerous movement in the lift.

–Hydraulic flow restriction: Even though our swiveling hose design prevents kinks that can deprive the lift of pressure, we still include a hydraulic flow restriction mechanism in our lifts. This means that the lift will maintain its position in the unlikely event of a problem with the hose. Competitors’ lifts without this feature will immediately fall back towards the ground if hydraulic pressure is lost, which is the #1 thing a lift should never do! Our restrictor eliminates the chance of this dangerous mechanical failure.

–Backup safety locks:  Each corner post of our lifts has a backup safety lock that will automatically engage if the lifting cable goes slack for any reason. We’ve never even seen this happen to our lifts, but we include the feature anyway because your safety is that important.

We think it’s clear that Backyard Buddy lifts are the safest lifts you can buy. That safety is the result of the highest quality design and construction on the market, and it means you can rest assured that your vehicle and your family are safe.

To see a more technical comparison of our lifts with our competition, click here: