Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cutting With Electricity

Backyard Buddy Plasma cutter

Earlier this year, we introduced you to to one of our more unusual workers: our robotic welder Johnny 5 ( Our products wouldn’t be possible without our hardworking, expert staff, but sometimes even they need a little assistance to do things that the human body can’t do, so we use precision machines like Johnny 5 to help them out.

Our new HyPerformance HPR260XD dual-head plasma cutter will help Johnny 5 and our workers keep making the best automotive lifts that money can buy. As you may have gathered from its name, this cutter uses an electrical arc inside a jet of compressed gas to create a blast of hot plasma that cuts through metal like a knife through paper, cutting more than ten linear feet per minute through ½ inch-thick steel. Combined with a computerized CNC cutting table, the HyPerformance cutter can cut holes, shapes, and designs that no human or mechanical cutting device can match.

Traditional metal tooling also leaves a work surface that needs to be finished by grinding, media blasting, and buffing to create a smooth surface. Plasma cutters make incredibly precise cuts, from simple holes to complex shapes, that leave the metal fully-finished with a mirror shine. Our new High-Definition plasma cutter cuts (no pun intended) several steps out of our manufacturing process while actually increasing the quality and precision of our metal work. This allows us to manufacture our lifts to higher tolerances with better quality control.

Not only does the HyPerformance cutter help us reduce the work needed to put together a Backyard Buddy lift and make the most precise metal cuts possible, it also helps us reduce our power consumption. The cutter is extremely efficient and has an industry-leading cutting speed per amp of electricity used. At its low-power setting, it draws only a little more current than an electric clothes dryer.

We know that ours is the best lift on the market, and one of the ways we keep it that way is by using new technologies to our advantage wherever possible. They will never replace our workers, but new tools and techniques can help them do their job better and more efficiently. Our new plasma cutter is just one of the tools that we use to make our lifts better, stronger, and safer than the competition.

The Vicious Cycle of Quick Fixes

We live in a culture obsessed with the quick fix. Our media sells us shoddy products, knowing that many people will just buy another one when the first one inevitably breaks.  In fact, the consumerist mindset of many Americans is so focused on the now that it completely neglects planning for the future in everyday life.  In fact, many companies believe it is in their best interests to make flashy, expendable products to keep consumers coming back to spend more and more of their hard-earned cash.

If you’ve ever worked with Backyard Buddy, though, you know we don’t treat our customers that way. We believe that everyone’s best interests are best served by us producing the highest quality product we can offer.  Our quality, both in production and in customer service, speaks for itself.  We’re proud to offer the best value on the market.

Cheaply made products have nothing to make them marketable other than a low price. The features of the actual product are limited, the quality is flimsy, and the customer service support is terrible (if not completely nonexistent!). That’s why all they advertise is the price—not only is it all they’ve got going for them, but it also appeals to the quick fix mentality.  Beware of products that talk all about price and hesitate to mention actual value. They might be set up to make you need another “quick fix” before too long!

At Backyard Buddy, we reject the quick fix mentality in favor of the generations of wisdom that preceded it.  We know our customers are smart enough to recognize that a good long-term value is always a better deal than a cheap fix in the moment.  That’s why we devote our space in this blog and on our website to showing the value of our products, which we firmly believe are the highest quality, longest lasting lifts available on the market.

Growing up, maybe you heard someone wise say, “We don’t have enough money to buy cheap products!” It may not have made sense to you then, but by now you’ve seen how buying cheap things that break and have to be replaced almost always ends up costing more money than paying for quality. In the arena of car lifts, this could not be more true! Imagine a competitor’s lift costs half as much as Backyard Buddy’s best value.  If the Backyard Buddy lift lasts your whole lifetime (which it will), it seems like you could afford to buy one cheap one instead, have it break once, and replace it for the same price.  But what if it breaks more than once? And what about the time you have to spend fixing it and replacing it? And above all, what huge costs could be incurred when something as big as a car lift fails, possibly while holding or while standing above the prized vehicle you’ve spent so much time and effort on? It’s just not worth the risk.

Don’t become another victim of the vicious cycle of quick fixes that today’s media wants to trap you in. Check out the value of Backyard Buddy’s line of products, and you’ll see that we offer a wise investment for a lifetime of security. Our value will make your work easier, AND it will save you money in the end.