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Backyard Buddy’s Easy-Access Rolling Jack System

Easy-access rolling jack stand system


We love telling you all about our Backyard Buddy four-post lifts and all of the ways they can make your life easier, but did you know that our lifts have a little brother than can also help you out, either by itself or used as a space saver with one of our lifts?

Backyard Buddy’s Easy-Access

gives you all the portability of jack stands with the durability, safety, and ease of movement that you’d expect from our full-sized lifts. This two-piece system unobtrusively slides under your vehicle and can be placed just about anywhere you can lift with a floor jack.

With a variety of different stands, pads, and bars, the adjustable Easy-Access can be used to hold a frame, body, or complete car, and can hold a vehicle more than 2 feet off the ground for easy access. This gives you enough room to work underneath your project on a creeper, while also saving your back when working from above.

Easy-Access is also stable and strong enough to be used as a dolly for a partial build or a full vehicle. You can easily roll your project around the shop on Easy Access’ heavy-duty casters, allowing you do things like move it outside for dirty jobs, or even stash your project under a car on a four-post Backyard Buddy lift when you’re not working on it.

Just like our full-sized lifts, Easy-Access uses American certified structural steel, making it strong enough to hold 6,000 pounds and stable enough to roll even the heaviest load on its casters. Its tough powder coated finish will take just about anything you can dish out, and provides excellent resistance to damage and rust.

One of the best parts about Easy-Access is that when you’re done with it, it’s small enough to fit under a workbench until it’s needed again. And just like all of our products, it’s proudly made in the USA by American workers.

To learn more about Easy Access, check out its page on our site: http://www.backyardbuddy.com/backyard-buddy-easy-access.html. To watch a video of Sam Memmolo from Sam’s Garage demonstrating Easy-Access, click here: https://youtu.be/Xg6BXPvv7qI?t=261

As always we’re happy to show off any of our products in our showroom in Warren, Ohio, or to help you find the best product to fit your needs any time during business hours at (800) 837-9353.

What’s the best way to jack up a vehicle while it’s on your lift?

Rolling Jack

Backyard Buddy built in hydraulic jack

Built in hydraulic jack

The simplest is the rolling jack platform option.  Its rollers allow it to move along tracks built into the deck of all Backyard Buddy lifts.  This jack enables you to roll the platform to the wheel or axle needing raised with a bottle jack.

Even though a small floor jack is  pretty heavy, you could probably get it on the platform.

Need extra clearance for lowered cars?  The jack platform is available without rollers and will still slide easily along the tracks.

Air Jack

We do have an air jack that works like a car suspension air bag. It’s similar to but smaller than air jacks for heavy trucks and busses.

air jack for backyard buddy jack platform

Air jack for rolling jack platform


  • 4,000 pound capacity,
  • 5.75″ collapsed height and
  • Extends to 13.75″

Professional Grade

The most professional option is our built-in rolling hydraulic jack. This is a great accessory and if you see one at a show display or in our showroom, you’ll want it!


  • Powered by the lift pump and motor eliminating the need for another power source.
  • Gives about 9″ inches of lift.
  • Folds completely flush with the deck when not in use.
  • Different style pads and adapters are included that fit in sockets on the lifting arms.
  • Flat pad for frames and curved pads which are great for rear axle tubes or a hot rod’s tube front axle.
  • Pads are rubber coated so they won’t mark a nice paint job or chrome.
  • Sliding horizontal bar with a sliding pad that can be positioned where ever needed to jack something like a rear end center section.
  • Could be used to support the engine when removing the transmission

So whatever your budget, we have a car jack solution for you.

Backyard Buddy Easy-Access to The Rescue

Easy-access rolling jack stand system


We’ve been working on getting our friend’s son’s 1979 Jeep CJ7 back on the road.  It has been off the road for about 15 years and consequently, by sitting that long it did not do the old CJ any favors.  Once we took a close look at it, what we thought would be a quick job of cleaning out the gas tank and changing the fluids has turned into a major project.

We’re currently working on replacing the body and patching the rear of the frame.  Jeep CJs are notorious for rusting in the rear frame kick up and shackle area, and this one is definitely not an exception. The main problem is that the frame’s design has manufacturing holes that allow dirt, moisture, and other crud inside the frame.  This thus provided free housing to many generations of mice.  Subsequently, we learned that mouse nests are excellent at holding in moisture and causing the frame rails to rust from the inside out.  Luckily, the sides and front of the frame are in good condition, therefore keeping this from being a total loss.

Since the garage is full of other projects, we’ve been working on the Jeep outside on the concrete driveway.  We have been using our Backyard Buddy Easy-Access system (http://www.backyardbuddy.com/automotive-lifts/backyard-buddy-easy-access/) to support the frame and to allow us to move it around so that we can easily work on it.

Easy-Access rolling jack stand system


The Easy-Access jack stand system is a great tool for anyone who needs to support their vehicle but doesn’t have the space or the need for a full auto lift.  Easy-Access has many different attachments that make it conducive to set up for any frame, axle and body combination.  It has heavy-duty rubber casters which allow it to roll on uneven surfaces easily.  It is very rigid, safe and much better than having the frame sitting on jack stands.  (Jack stands often wobble, they are hard to get level, and they are almost always unsafe to leave on dollies so that the vehicle can be moved around.)

The Easy-Access system is the next best thing to having an auto lift because it allows flexibility in moving around the frames and chassis.  We know people who have both an auto lift and the Easy-Access system, and as you probably well know by now, there are advantages to owning both.